Web Solutions

The great thing about web-based software solutions is that all you need is a web browser and you can login to your system. This dispenses with the need to implement systems on a server or each computer. As your solution can be centrally managed, it really is a great way to lower management, implementation and administration costs.

Morton Blacketer has a wealth of experience in this area, making sure that our solutions can provide fast page downloads and appropriate security measures to protect data privacy and confidentiality. With web-based solutions, you can more efficiently share resources, consolidate data-entry and create company, supply-chain and industry efficiencies. Importantly, Morton Blacketer has experience in developing this type of solution for both individual clients and panels comprising representatives from industry, government and associated bodies.

One of the development tools we use is the DotNetNuke®, open source framework. Using this technology, we can...

  • Access a range of built-in features that facilitate development time for our clients
  • Provide our clients with comprehensive and innovative functionality options
  • Simplify website management and maintenance

...enabling us to deliver a customised solution to you in a user-friendly way.

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